1 cup cooked quinoa
1 small sweet potato
1 cup raw and halved brussel sprouts
4 oz chickpeas, drained
1 small zucchini
1 cup cauliflower florets
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp raw tahini
½ lemon
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp Himalayan sea salt
1 tsp dill

1) Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
2) In a large bowl, mix diced sweet potato, broccoli florets, diced zucchini, halved brussel sprouts, and coconut oil
3) Add cumin and smoked paprika to vegetable mix; toss well to ensure vegetables are well coated in coconut oil and seasoning
4) Arrange vegetables on a foil covered baking sheet, and bake for 20 minutes
5) While vegetables are baking, season chickpeas with smoked paprika, and add to a skillet on medium heat
6) Once the chickpeas are browned, remove from heat
7) To prepare the Buddha bowl sauce, whisk together tahini, the juice of half a lemon, salt and dill
8) For plating, cooked quinoa will serve as the base of the bowl. Top with roasted veggies and chickpeas, and drizzle tahini sauce
9) Enjoy!